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NF-300 Iron Flat Cart

“Prestar” 910x610mm Iron Flat Cart

Made in JapanPrestar High-quality plastic flatbed truck, easy to operate and long service life. Equipped with silent foot rollers, it is your indispensable partner.

NFThe series has a larger load area and larger load capacity, and is equipped with a flat pressed metal base andPVCsurface, and the flatbed truck is equipped with a full range of cushioning devices to prevent damage to walls and doors. Light body and equipment2directional wheels and2swivel wheels. Loading cargo is effortless and pushing is silent. Easily handle documents, cartons, mail, etc. in the office. Ideal for offices and other light-duty environments.

Load capacity: 300kg

main feature

1) Silent casters reduce noise.
Models with low-noise casters can be used in work environments where noise avoidance is important, such as in offices or when transporting goods at night. It is made of reinforced plastic to prevent corrosion and allows use in food processing plants etc.
2) Transport goods with peace of mind
The corners of the cargo platform are curved on both sides and protected with soft rubber bumpers to absorb the impact of a collision while transporting the load.

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