Lee Wai Kee: Logistics handling tools

Company Profile

Levi Kee Co., Ltd. Levi Kee was founded in 1950. It is committed to effectively combining the handling tools of various industries, establishing an effective two-way communication and cooperation model based on customer needs, and integrating marketing strategies in an all-round way to achieve efficient market positioning and creation for customers. Brand is the goal. Mr. Li Yongqiang is currently a director of the company. With more than 30 years of experience, this time-honored brand specializes in various types of logistics equipment handling equipment, industrial casters and rubber rollers, custom-made stainless steel welding and maintenance projects, and can also design special trolleys and transportation equipment on behalf of customers. The company always has various types of transportation and handling trolleys. , welcome to publish and inquire.

With "persistence" as the purpose

The company serves customers across industries such as high-tech, daily consumption, traditional industries, art and cultural creativity. With familiar market operation models and pulses, it has accumulated rich practical and marketing experience to provide customers with professional advice and services. Allow them to more effectively increase corporate value and development momentum. The company has taken "persistence" as its motto for many years, and will continue to adopt the following operating strategies in the future. Adhere to efficiency: lead the industry in speed to meet customers' timely needs; adhere to quality: ensure compliance with strict manufacturing standards and provide customers with excellent quality quality and excellent performance; insist on technology: an excellent R&D technical team provides customers with the latest technology products; insist on service: provide a complete service team with clear and clear pre-sales communication with the customer base, and provide proper and fast after-sales services. In line with the tenet of "persistence", the company's brand "MoveMaster" was awarded "Hong Kong's Most Popular Brand" in 2014, which further confirms the company's four insistences on products.