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Wisdom 3.0

Smart Airport 3.0 (Aviation)

We provide airport handling equipment, repairs and maintenance covering the civil and cargo aviation industries. With "persistence" as our tenet, our products are recognized for their quality and competitive prices and increase work efficiency and improve workplace safety. The repair and maintenance of airport ground handling equipment ensures compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards. We have many years of experience in producing airport infrastructure, including supplying aircraft apron equipment and designing maintenance operation platforms suitable for different aircraft types.

Luggage First-aid

The rescue station was established in 2014 and has repaired more than 10,000 pieces of luggage over the years.
We uphold the business philosophy of quality craftsmanship and perfection to serve each of our valued customers.
The repair stations have repair stations all over Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories, and they continue to expand their business to this day.
In the future, the business will be extended to the Greater Bay Area and overseas.
We create the highest quality products and services with the spirit of Hong Kong, and display the exquisite craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation to every customer who comes.


KIZUNA 日漢字「絆」きずなの意味字詞裡蘊含著厚重情誼、相互扶持、維繫與關懷,在危難中手牽手勇敢向前之寓意! KIZUNA MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED絆醫療科技有限公司 於2018年在香港成立。 本公司專營生產優質的醫療防護產品,生產廠房設於香港,並通過STC香港標準及檢定中心獲准ISO14644-1 Class 7無塵室認證,並符合國際質量標準檢定。 公司秉持 誠信、專業、品質我們的產品規格通過SGS香港通用檢測認證中心認證、STC香港標準及檢定中心化驗認證、KAKEN日本化驗中心認證,並符合國際ASTM Level 3醫用標準、EN14683國際品質標準、JIS T 9001日本醫用標準。

醫療科技 (KIZUNA)

李維記與KIZUNA MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED絆醫療科技有限公司聯手合作,推出一系列醫療級別物流運輸產品。醫療級別產品耐用、易清洗、方便,適合醫療體系機構使用,包括醫院、診所、護老院等。其中不銹鋼衣車、籠車已有不少大型機構落單購買。絕對是質素的認證。

同時,近幾年全球受疫情困擾,日本又開始排放核幅射污水,令人引起對周遭環境狀況憂慮,擔心影響健康。KIZUNA MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED絆醫療科技有限公司推出「醫療潔淨水」,獲得多項認證及肯定。在褔島的臨床試驗顯示使用產品能直接降低幅射指數,在不同場所目的都非常有用。

Company Profile


Founded in 1950, LEE WAI KEE is committed to effectively combining handling tools from various industries, establishing an effective two-way communication and cooperation model based on customer needs, and aiming to fully integrate marketing strategies to achieve efficient market positioning and brand building for customers. , Mr. Li Yongqiang is currently a director of the company. With more than 30 years of experience, this time-honored brand specializes in various types of logistics equipment handling equipment, industrial casters and rubber rollers, custom-made stainless steel welding and repair projects, and can also design special trolleys and transportation equipment on behalf of customers. The company always has various types of transportation and handling trolleys. , welcome to submit a form and inquire.

With "persistence" as the purpose

The company serves customers across industries such as high-tech, daily consumption, traditional industries, art and cultural creativity. With familiar market operation models and pulses, it has accumulated rich practical and marketing experience to provide customers with professional advice and services. Allow them to more effectively increase corporate value and development momentum.

The company has taken "persistence" as its motto for many years, and will continue to adopt the following operating strategies in the future. Adhere to efficiency: lead the industry in speed to meet customers' timely needs; adhere to quality: ensure compliance with strict manufacturing standards and provide customers with excellent quality quality and excellent performance; insist on technology: an excellent R&D technical team provides customers with the latest technology products; insist on service: provide a complete service team with clear and clear pre-sales communication with the customer base, and provide proper and fast after-sales services.

In line with the tenet of "persistence", the company's brand "MoveMaster" was awarded "Hong Kong's Most Popular Brand" in 2014, which further confirms the company's four insistences on products.

Past cooperative customers

Customized logistics cage/transportation tools

Combining more than 30 years of experience and technology, our company is committed to leading the industry to the top.
Fortunately, Levi's customized products are highly appreciated and chosen by our customer base. "Durable", "Safety", "Lightweight", etc. have always been synonymous with our company.
Our customers are located in various large and small merchants in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories, and our company's customized products can be seen everywhere in Hong Kong.
Over the years, we have had countless partners, including various government departments, public institutions, hospitals, airports and multinational corporations.
This is also the driving force for LEE WAI KEE to be at the forefront and provide you with the best service.

Logistics handling equipment - customized stainless steel, trolleys, cages, etc.

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